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Some Instructions:

Saying "Hi" is a good way to start talking to Zoe.

Update (2014-08-06): Zoe is off to the 2014 Loebner Contest! She's still here to chat, and I'll still review the logs periodically. There is unlikely to be another update for at least another month or more. We'll find out the results of the Loebner Contest initial round at the end of Sept 2014. Wish us luck!

Note: PG chats only, please. She is a PG bot. Other chats... well, they won't get you very far and they're not terribly helpful to me either.

Zoe (and other AIML bots hosted at Pandorabots) needs cookies enabled to work properly. If you are trying to have a conversation with Zoe and she says something like "I'm having a surreal moment" MORE THAN ONCE in the conversation, that is a sign that cookies ARE NOT enabled. There are other signs, too, that I see when I review the logs - but if you are having what you think might be THE WORST conversation, this is a sign that cookies are not enabled. :D Hope that explains some of the conversations a couple of you are having!

Please, pass Zoe on!

(Note: the server hosting Zoe has it's time set to a couple hours ahead of time on the east coast, US... this isn't a problem for the contest, just know that she may answer questions about time as if she's a few hours ahead. :) )

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